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Welcome to Horneker Online

Horneker Online is a website that is about:

  1. Linux with support for multiple distributions.
  2. The promotion of free (as in liberated) software, hardware and technologies.
  3. Digital and conventional photography (and other digital arts), with emphasis on the use of Free Software.

Currently, Horneker Online works best with the latest Firefox or other Mozilla-based browser, and was designed for a widescreen display of at least 1440px.

Open Sourced since 1996

This latest incarnation now incorporates HTML 5 (for coding) and CSS 3 (for styling), with no deprecated HTML tags used. This should be no problem for the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome (and Chromium) and Opera. Also, pages here are hand coded with Bluefish rather than using WordPress, or some other prepackaged product designed for instant deployment.

I have been supporting multiple Linux distributions, including Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Slackware, PCLinuxOS, Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSuSE.

What Is New Here We Won Net Neutrality

February 26, 2015: The FCC gave us a victory over net neutrality. The issue, however, is far from over. This victory is only the first step. Now, we need to defend it.

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